Cleaning tips for different yoga every yogi should know

Cleaning your yoga mat should be part and parcel of your practice. For every yogi, their mat is sacred and thus shouldn’t be left all sweaty or smelly. Also, cleaning the yoga mat is simple and shouldn’t take more than 20-25 minutes even when deep cleaning but since all yoga mats are different neither should they all be cleaned in the same way.

Here’s how to clean different yoga mats.

Rented Mats

In case you’re using a mat rented from a nearby store or a share a mat at the studio it’s important to sterilize it first as it may have germs such as bacteria or viruses and dirt carried forward from the other users which can, in turn, cause skin infections and allergies.

For that, it’s important to use a good antibiotic or germ cleaner. Check out with the studio and for a good wipe down before you begin or carry your own mat wipes.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats have small rubber cells only visible upon close inspection of the mat. These poured or cells can fill up with water if you use a shower or sprayer for cleaning which in turn makes it slippery and heavy. Also, do not use any cleaning oil as it harms the rubber.

To clean such mats, use a light salt water solution and scrub the mat clean. For an even deeper clean you can use a mixture of baking soda in lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon and wipe it top to bottom and let it dry.

Rubber Mats

Foam Mats

Foam mats are probably the best value for money yoga mats that you can buy and the best part about these mats is that they are the easiest to clean. Hassle-free cleaning is what you get with foam mats because pretty much everything and anything that cleans can get the job done but not the washing machine though.

You can use oils, shower or scrub it clean or wipe it down with a mixture of lemon and water but dumping it into the washer may break down the foam causing irreparable damage to your favorite mat.

Cork Mats

Most manufacturers will tell you these mats can clean itself up but do really believe that? Yes, they soak up all the sweat and oils and do not stain easily as compared to other mats but to get rid of the dust or dirt it’s better to wipe it using a damp cloth and hang it to dry for an hour or two.

Polyurethane Rubber Mats

The problem with these mats is that they catch moisture really quickly and thus can become slippery, so do not spray or use a shower to clean it rather just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. You can also use the previously mentioned baking soda blend to clean it.

Also, avoid using any oils or other cleaning agents on the mat as they reduce stickiness making the mat slippery.

Polyurethane Rubber Mats

Memorial Weekend Events: Detox, Dancing, Yoga and Drumming!

Who said that detoxing has to be a drag? In this heat building class, we will have fun sweating out the residue of winter. Improper posture and shallow breathing can impede digestion. Learn how to reverse these habits. Your internal organs will enjoy a nice massage while the stagnation in your joints dissolves. We will use deep breathing and pranayama to clear carbon dioxide from the lungs. Come celebrate how great it feels to free your body and mind!


Start Spring off with excitement about your health!

Join us after class for a lecture on the body’s cleansing mechanisms and how to implement a cleansing diet in order to achieve flawless detox.

Saturday, May 26th

Yoga 12-2

Talk on Nutrition 2-2:30

Who are you NOT to shine!

 Making room for the Mystery.

Sunday, May 27th


Now that you’ve moved out toxins in the organs, learn to move out the toxins in your mind.   During this class, Megan will gently guide you through clearing the internal debris.  You will learn techniques for boosting your Seratonin levels, lowering Cortisol production, and getting the monkey off your back. Learn to move pleasure into newly created open spaces.

Come learn to drum and dance with Assange!

Sunday, May 27th

Drumming at 4 PM

West African Dance with Live drumming at 5 PM.

Classes with Assange are all levels and 15/each cash or use Paypal Option below.

Join Denise on Memorial Day and Get Grounded! 

Now that you’ve had a chance to free yourself of toxins and are feeling light, Denise will help you to ground yourself by getting into the Abs, hips, low back and legs. This is a great class for anyone wanting to strengthen and lengthen the legs, open the hips, free the back of pain and go home feeling connected.  For a change, end your holiday not needing a holiday.

Why Yoga Works

The way that yoga facilitates mental and physical change is through the breath. If you change the way you breathe, you’ll change the way you feel which in turn changes the way that you are in the world. The breath work done in Forrest Yoga® calms the mind and helps the body to relax.

In this more relaxed state, you can function at a higher level. It also helps to clear the body of blockages. You’ll sleep better, lose weight with more ease, alleviate the intensity of symptoms of ADD and OCD through improved concentration, heal injury, balance your hormones, strengthen your immune system, cleanse your blood and look a whole lot younger.


Chichester Yoga Class Descriptions

* Lalita Yoga: is Chichester Yogas signature class.   Lalita Yoga combines energetics, intuitive touch and rigorous asana in a heated room.  You’ll clean your blood thought sweating out toxins, strengthen your body and safely lengthen the muscle and connective tissue.  Come enjoy this transformative practice! The room is heated to 75-80 degrees.(It’s warm to make for a safe practice and a deeper detox. This is not hot yoga.

*Basics and Beginners Lalita Yoga: This class focuses on the basic principals of Lalita Yoga including breath, alignment, strength, and flexibility.  Poses are taught in detail and modifications are given for injuries.  This class will prepare you for all Open Level classes at the studio.  No experience is required. This class is open to all. Experienced students can up level this class on their own. The class will, however, cater to basics and beginner technique.

* Align and Refine: This class focuses on one area of the body.  The aim of the class is to spend extra time helping the regular students work out the chronic kinks in their practice. We work unevenly, working the lighter side of the body longer to bring balance and diminish pain.  All levels of poses will be taught with an emphasis on technique. The room is heated to 80 degrees.  Runners and Bikers-Give up being a pain junkie and get your butt to this class!

*Yin Yoga: A restorative practice that focuses on gently stretching connective tissue by holding a yin pose.  The body responds by making the tissue longer and stronger. Although connective tissue is found in every bone, muscle, and organ, it’s most concentrated at the joints.  If you don’t use your full range of joint flexibility, the connective tissue will slowly shorten to the minimum length needed to accommodate your activities. If you try to flex your knees or arch your back after years of underuse, you’ll discover that your joints have been shrink-wrapped by shortened connective tissue. This is a great compliment to your more active practice which focuses on stretching the muscle.

*Express Basics– Express Classes are shorter in length and are Lalita Yoga style. Great attention is paid to detail and helping you build the foundations of strength and flexibility.  They are 45  minutes long and are great if you’re pressed for time or on a budget.  All are welcome.

* Asanapy®: Asanapy was co-created by Megan Leigh and Dr. Cheryl Cornelius. It is an 8-week course combining yoga, writing and hands-on healing. When Dr. Cornelius co-teaches, we also incorporate dialogue work. The goal of Asanapy is to help yogis investigate some of what comes up as the result of a regular practice.  It aims to help students go deeper into the process of healing and to connect with other students on the path. Email us for more information.

Summer 2012 Prices

*New Student Special-30 days Unlimited/45

*Full-Time College Students of any age– 5 class card/65, 10 Class Card/120 *in exchange for the discount, these are cash only pricesCards Valid through Feb 1, 2013.

* Single Class 18

*5 Class Card-80.00 (Two-month expiration. No sharing. No freezing.)

* 30-day Unlimited -120 Practice as much as you like for 30 days.

*Family of 3 Unlimited- 240 a month/family. Auto pay only. This is for parents and children under 16.

*Family of 4 Unlimited-280/month/family. Auto pay only. Parents and children under 16.

* Intuitive Healing/CranioSacral Therapy/Massage at the Studio:  70-125

More Important Info

* Classes will start promptly. Please come at least 10 minutes early and stay for the entirety of the class. For your first class allow a bit more time to fill out an information form and purchase your class card.
* Wear comfortable clothing that you feel good in and something to keep your hair out of your eyes.
* Youll get thirsty so bring water.
* Chichester Yoga is a perfume-free environment. Please be considerate of your fellow yogis and rinse off any fragrance before class.

*Chichester Yoga reserves the right to cancel class at any time. It is the responsibility of the student to know when his or her class package expires.

Teacher Training

I was about to take a different YTT when Chichester Yoga, I believe, found me. It was the in-depth, heart-opening, and challenging experience I knew my soul was longing for. I am most grateful for the encouragement I received to breathe and to discover my edge in order to expand and grow in the direction I only dared dream about. What I found on the other side was an enormous amount of strength, self-love, and my voice which continues to bloom. S.B. 2014 Graduate

Chichester Yoga Teacher Training

 Lalita Yoga combines energetics, intuitive touch, and asana in a heated room. Both held poses and vinyasa are incorporated in the sequencing. Youll notice Forrest Yoga in the sequencing choices, as it works very well for western bodies. The asana choices have their roots in the work of Anodea Judith and Bioenergetics.   You’ll clean your blood thought sweating out toxins, strengthen your body and safely lengthen the muscle and connective tissue.  Come learn to teach this transformative practice! Both beginner and experienced teachers will learn to teach in a way that is skillful and exciting and leave Chichester more healed and whole than they thought possible.

When I started the Lalita Yoga Teacher Training, I felt like I had my act together (for the most part). I was physically fit, emotionally self-aware, comfortable in my yoga practice, eager to grow. But over the course of the training, I came completely undone in ways I couldnt have predicted. Megan teaches yoga as a healing art, and the nurturing environment she creates with her incredible generosity of spirit and other-worldly intuition made it possible for me to come undone safely. And then to put myself back together, with a sense of wholeness I hadn’t known was possible. With this training, I began to come fully into the person I was meant to be. And for that, I feel more gratitude than words can express. John R. 2014 Graduate


Click the Link below for more information.
About the training with Megan Leigh

Foundations of Teaching 1

July 1-7 2014

  • How to sequence and teach a basic yoga class/experienced teachers, learn techniques for multi-level classes
  • Hands-on assists
  • Meditation
  • Techniques and strategies for radiant mental and physical health.

Cost: 1450/does do not include housing

 Foundations of Teaching 2

Oct 11-13, 2014 and November 8-10th, 2014


This is a continuation of the work done in Foundations 1 and takes place over 2 weekends. In this section you will focus on:

  • Teaching in a multi-level setting
  • Hands-on assists
  • Expanding your knowledge of poses
  • Dynamic sequencing

Cost: 1450/does do not include housing

 Foundations of Teaching 3

January 17th-19th, 2015 and February 14th-16th, 2015

  • Assisting inversions
  • Energetics
  • Pacing
  • Personal style and telling your story.
  • Anatomy
  • Injuries

Cost: 1450/does do not include housing 

If you are interested in applying for this training or have questions, please email the studio and request an application.

Lalita Yoga 7 Day Chakra Immersion

 July 3rd-5th, 2015 at Chichester Yoga

Friday 9-11am


Sunday 9:30-11:30am

      Pre-Registration Required. 


Schedule and Teacher Training

Hello to all!

Next Monday class will be at 9 am with Megan.

If the weather turns to winter this month check our Facebook page for daily updates.

There is a new class on Sundays at 10 am with either Kim or Megan for you sleepy heads. You asked for it, you got it but now you have to come to keep it!

If you’re considering the teacher training, you’ve got plenty of time to prepare. Come to class on Sundays at 8:30 to check out Lalita Yoga and Megan, who leads the training. Teachers and those wanting to go deeper into their practice are welcome. All levels are welcome.  It’s the most affordable training on the east coast and it’s wonderful. It’s on sacred land with a crystal clear swimming hole and a waterfall for your use during the training. Why jump on the subway when you can jump in the water!


See you on the mat!

Friday Schedule

Please see the schedule on the website. See you this Friday at 9! The 5 pm is off the schedule as well as the Sunday 11:30. Please come at 8:30 or 10 on the weekends. Also, massage is nearly sold out until September. If you want to get an appointment there are a few through August 4th.

Chakra Yoga

The Chakra Yoga Series is Megan’s most popular event. Come join us for an exploration of your practice through the 7 chakras. Well start at the First Chakra on July 1st and work our way up. This series is a real summer treat and you’ll feel great all day. You must pre-register on the website. Walk-ins will be taken as space is available so call the day before if you plan to pay at the door.

Flip Your Wig with Petra Suzanne

Flip Your Wig! Inversion workshop for focus, fun, and exhilaration!

Morning class: In the morning class you will turn on from head to toes, keying into the parts of your body that will sculpt and solidify your inversion practice.  Hint: it’s not all about abs!

Afternoon inversion workshop: Expand your perception about what is possible in your yoga practice! Get grounded in inversion fundamentals, explore your newfound confidence, and then lift off!

Saturday, June 14: Morning class 8 am 9:30 am  $18 (Not included in the Unlimited Membership.)

Saturday, June 14: Afternoon workshop 1pm-3pm  $40

Class + Workshop  $55 

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